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Buy extraordinary pieces at
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Did you know that we are using less than 30% of the fashion items we own

Why not to turn it into cash

Do I really need so much...

Lets sort it and sell it...

I love BOiiNG. It’s so easy to use...

When you become a seller with BOiiNG you become your own boss

WHY Sell?

  • You can earn a great income as a seller and be your own boss
  • You give items once loved by you new life
  • You are helping the community by sharing your items
  • You are encouraging recycling of 'fast fashion' items
  • You give buyers an opportunity to wear items they cannot afford
  • You will receive your money withn 72 Hours after the item has been received


  • BOiiNG will enhance all your photos to increase your chance to sell your items
  • BOiiNG will provide you 100% logistics solution from the comfort of your home
  • BOiiNG will provide with FREE Envelope, FREE ribbon and Postal bar code
  • BOiiNG will provide you with Track and trace shiping status
  • BOiiNG will provide you with State of the art analytical reports
  • BOiiNG will provide you full transparency at all times

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

"Be the change you want to see in the world " Gandhi

Go green there is no plan B

Our Mission...

We care, We share, We recycle, We reuse, We resell, We Help

BOiiNG Is part of the solution not part of the pollution

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Calling all sellers

This is an exciting opportunity to turn your wardrobe into a business...

Become a Seller

Its so simple to become a seller..

How its work?


Seller takes photo
of sale item and
upload on BOiiNG

Item is sold via
Website and payment
Is made

Item is packaged
send to buyer

BOiiNG pays the seller
For the item purchased
less BOiiNG fee


BOiiNG enhance
Image and upload
to website

BOiiNG sends
Branded packaging
and postage bar-code to

BOiiNG notifies seller
when the buyer
has received item

Happy buyer!
Happy seller!

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