First and foremost, we at BOiiNG encourage all our sellers to have FUN.

BOiiNG is user friendly, easy to use and enjoyable system that connecting all members of our community to resale, reuse and recycle our fashion items that we no longer use or need. Unlike most marketplace systems BOiiNG will take away all the “pain” of your logistics by handling all your sending and receiving shipping from A – Z.

Likewise, unlike most marketplace systems, BOiiNG will enhance for free all your uploaded photos. This will not only protect the integrity of your items, but will give you much better chance to sell your items


  • Step 1 – treat your customers like you want to be treated yourself
  • Step 2 – presentation and care are the keys to your success
  • Step 3 – be punctual with your deliveries
  • Step 4 – be kind and respectful

If you will follow these 4 simple steps you will be on your way to become very successful. It will help your ratings score to ensure more buyers will want to shop with you.

Step 1 BOiiNG will email you “thank you letter” to include with the item that you have sold or rented. Feel free to add a personal mote from you to the buyer. It will make the experience for the recipient so much more enjoyable.

Step 2 You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. You should wrap the sent item with care and elegance. This will make the experience for the recipient so much more enjoyable and appreciated. Here are a few examples for nice wrapping ideas.

Step 3 Be punctual with your deliveries and sent your sold/rent item asap. The faster the recipient will receive the item, the happier the recipient will be, the prouder you will feel.

Step 4 Be kind and respectful to your customers. Be punctual, polite and gracious. It will take you a long way towards your internal happiness and satisfaction