Delivery | Returns | Ratings

Return policy

• On items that the seller selected to allow returns, The buyer will have 3 days (72 hours) from the time that the item was received. In these 72 hours the buyer can decide to keep OR return the item back to the seller
• If the buyer decides to return the item, the buyer will apply for return authorisation via the buyer profile on the BOiiNG website
• Upon receiving the authorisation to return the item, BOiiNG will email the buyer an Australia post return shipping label.
• BOiiNG will not acknowledge any other way to deliver any BOiiNG relating return parcels
• Once the item will be received back by the seller, BOiiNG will remit the funds back to the buyer

Delivery policy

• All deliveries within Australia must use Australia post services ONLY
• BOiiNG will not acknowledge any other way to deliver any BOiiNG relating parcels
• All deliveries must be packed in according to the packing BOiiNG instruction (“see BOiiNG packing instruction”)
• BOiiNG will supply Australia post shipping labels by email

To ensure the highest level of satisfaction for the buyer and the seller, we have a put in place a scouring rating system to evaluate the level of service. punctuality, experience, item quality, timely delivery, wrapping and parcel condition, and overall experience

• By default, buyers and sellers must give each other ratings from 1 start to 5 stars without
• 1 star mean poor, 5 stars mean excellent
• The transaction will be complete, and the funds will be remitted ONLY when the ratings are applied.
• Both buyers and sellers will not be able to continue to use BOiiNG without completing the simple rating task